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Technical Resources

Cloudbank’s focus is on helping researchers and educators utilize the cloud as a tool for the work they’re already doing. The resources in this section help you identify exactly how your work would look in the cloud, and the learning resources to get started on building it.

Cloud 101

Our Cloud 101 video series is a conceptual introduction to the cloud from a researcher’s perspective. The series is split into six parts, reflecting at a coarse grain the topics that we keep in mind when using the cloud for a project.

These videos cover concrete examples, but stay at a relatively high level to keep at an informative pace. For more detailed walkthroughs of technical content, see our Cloudbank Solutions.

Design Patterns

Here are some of the most common patterns we see appear in research cloud infrastructure. Follow the links for guides on how to map this work onto cloud services.

Best Practices

Once you have access to a cloud account, it can feel like there is a lot to keep track of! To help out your transition from cloud novice to master, Cloudbank has put together a downloadable onboarding document that organizes the salient points that cloud users and administrators should keep in mind throughout their work:


Cloudbank Solutions are researcher-oriented tutorials written by the Cloudbank team. Follow the links below to access hands-on guides for how to get the most out of your cloud access.

Platform-specific resources

Although all cloud platforms offer roughly equivalent functionality, the exact terminology and services available for a given use case differ across them. Below are references and guides tailored to the specific platforms supported by CloudBank.